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"I believe in many things.."

CrossFit NF, LLC First affiliate in southern arkansas


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We have had multiple nutrition challenges since we have been opened in May and everyone that has came through my doors and who has followed the programming and guidelines has seen results. If you don't believe me, ask any one of the members who have completed the nutrition challenge to tell you their results. Most of them some of your own friends from this great town. They have put in the work and seen the results that CrossFit NF has to offer. Not just in physical appearance, but in mind, body and soul. Come check us out!
Here at CrossFit NF, we are not just any typical gym, we are a family and part of a larger community that spans across the country, more than you will ever know. There are over 10,000 affiliates world wide and we all have one thing in common, a passion to become a better person, both inside and out. Here you will form friends that will be there for the rest of your life. Take that next step and call to set up a free first workout to join one of the biggest fitness communities in the world.

Reduce your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and most chronic degenerative diseases that affect people in the western world
Lose weight if you are overweight
Improve your athletic performance
Slow or reverse progression of an autoimmune disease
Improve or eliminate acne
Sleep better and have more energy throughout the day
Enjoy an increased libido
Improve your mental outlook and clarity
Enjoy a longer, healthier, more active life

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Now introducing YOGA sessions with Sarah Poff. Sarah is a massage therapist and just recently received her yoga instructor certification after spending 3 months practicing in Bali. Yoga helps by lengthening and strengthening the muscles which will help in almost all movements in CrossFit. If you are having trouble getting into that Overhead Squat position or are having back pain, yoga is great to help cure some of that. Just an additional hour a week of stretching can be great for your body. Check out the schedule and get signed up today!!